Terms and Conditions

Below you will find Terms and Conditions where Temple Fields Cemetery Ltd will be referred to as ‘the Company’ or ‘the Site’.

The following Regulations have been set to ensure that the Company can maintain and preserve its burial grounds as closely to its most natural form as possible. The site has been created to be:

  • a peaceful resting place for those who have passed on and those who wish to mourn them,
  • a nature reserve that adds ecological value to its environment and surroundings.

Those wishing to use and visit the Site will be expected to follow and accept the terms outlined below.

Access and Consideration

1. The site is open all hours, 365 days a year, without restriction or the need for appointment.
2. Visitors must be considerate of funeral and memorial ceremonies of any religious or spiritual tradition.
3. Litter must not be left at the Site. Bins will not be provided for public use by the Company and all waste is expected to be taken home with visitors.
4. To maintain the Site’s peacefulness and tranquillity, mobile phones must be used with consideration to other visitors and services that may be taking place.
5. No ball games are not permitted on any part of the Site.
6. Electronic games that emit noise are prohibited from the Site.
7. Amplified music is prohibited at the Site, unless you have permission from the Company.
8. Acoustic instruments may be played, but only when they do not cause disruption to other services and ceremonies or other visitors.
9. Dogs and other domestic pets are not allowed on any part of the site, with exception of guide dogs or with permission from the Company.
10. Camping and overnight stays are not permitted on the site. This includes the car park. 
11. The site is a no dig area as the ground is protected. 

Conservation and Ecology

1. We would prefer bodies that have been embalmed or treated with noxious chemicals to not be buried at the Site. Please speak to the Company if this is the case.
2. Monuments, vaults, statues, fencing, railings, markers, memorials or other fixtures may not be placed upon graves, other than the plaques provided by Pollard Memorials keeping in line with the Site’s natural form.
3. You may not plant trees, plants, bulbs or flowers on the Site without permission.
4. The Company holds the right to remove anything from the Site that is deemed inappropriate to the preservation of the burial ground, without permission.
5. Picking, cutting, gardening, and pruning flowers or trees on the Site is prohibited.  
6. Visitors are asked to keep to the mown-grass paths to avoid damaging the natural ground and meadow.
7.Visitors must not disturb the wildlife unnecessarily and shooting or hunting is strictly prohibited at the Site.

Grave Plots and Cremations

1. Only one coffin is permitted per grave plot.
2. What is acquired when a grave plot is leased from the Company is the Grant of the Right of Burial (Local Government Act 1972, Section 214(3) in that site only. This right is held by the Licence Holder as stated on the Licence issued by the Company.
3. The Licence only provides for the burial of the Licence Holder or any individual nominated by the Licence Holder. Licences are not transferable, except by agreement with the Company.
4. Once burial has taken place, the Licence secures the right to rest undisturbed.
5. Leasing a plot on the Site does not authorise ownership of the ground or any other rights.   
6. Grave plots must be purchased and reserved in advance directly from Temple Field Cemetery Ltd.
7. After a purchase, there is a 30-day cooling-off period where the Licence may be returned and all monies are refunded. After 30 days, all monies paid for a plot will be non-refundable, but the Licence may be returned at any time.
8. The Licence is valid for 150 years. Once this time has elapsed, if the grave plot has not been used, the Company will contact the Licence Holder to ask if the grave plot is still required. If it is, the Licence can be reissued, but an administrative fee may apply. 
9. If the plot has not been used after 40 years and the Licence Holder cannot be contacted by the details given to the Company, the Company will assume that the plot is no longer required. Monies already paid will not be refunded. 
10. It is the responsibility of the Licence Holder to ensure that the Company has up-to-date contact details.
11. Full payment for the plot is due at the time of purchase.
12. The fee for interment will be payable at the time of burial.
13. A standard plot allows for 3 feet wide coffin, including decorations and handles. If the coffin is wider than this, a larger plot or two plots must be paid for.
14. Only standard size grave plots can be bought in advance. If a large plot is required at the time of burial, the extra cost will be payable.
15. Plots for cremated remains may be bought in any number.
16. Only human remains may be interred at the Site.  The burial and scattering ashes of pets and other animals is not permitted.

Allocating Grave Plots

1. A location may be chosen from a choice of plots that will be provided by the Company, ensuring minimal disturbance to the ecosystem of the reserve and surrounding grave plots.
2. The Company will effectively record and mark the location of graves using appropriate methods. All records will be kept at the Company’s office. There will also be an offsite copy.
3. Markers may not be conspicuous to visitors as to not interfere the landscape.
4. You may request the Company to search the database of burials and printed extracts may be purchased for a fee.   

Interments, Funeral Services and Ceremonies

1. Interments may be arranged with the Company in normal office hours, Monday-Friday, 9-5pm.
2. Interments can take place on any day of the year, but arrangements must be made prior by an individual or Funeral Director.
3. Surcharges may be applied for interments on weekends and bank holidays.
4. Burials and scattering of ashes can only take place once arrangements have been made with the Company, and a date and time has been agreed. This ensures that the plot is ready, the necessary documentation has been received, and services or ceremonies are respectfully spaced apart.
5. The Company usually require 48 hours’ notice for the necessary preparations to be completed.
6. There will be a surcharge for funerals arranged at short notice.
7. The Company will take into consideration any religious or other requirements where appropriate.
9. Bodies cannot be removed once interred at the Site without a Licence from the Secretary of State, under the Burial Act 1957, Section 25.
10. The excavations and filling-in of grave plots and interments of ashes will be carried out by an employee of the Company. Relatives may be involved in these processes but arrangements must be made prior and will be under supervision of the Company.    

Coffins, Urns and Shrouds

1. The Company requires the use of biodegradable, environmentally-friendly coffins with minimal varnish or glue, such as shrouds, woven coffins, or coffins or caskets made out of willow, bamboo, recycled paper or softwood. This is to minimise disruption to the wildlife and ecosystem.    
2. Coffins, caskets and shrouds can be purchased through your chosen Funeral Director.
3. Cremated remains and ashes must be interred in biodegradable caskets or boxes, or poured directly into the grave plot. Plastic urns therefore cannot be interred.

Memorials and Tributes

1. Flowers and other tributes may be placed on graves at the time of funeral or memorial services.  These will be removed by the Company, without permission, after five days in order to minimise disruption to the ecosystem and to remove and non-biodegradables. 
2. Memorial that are not in keeping with the natural feel of the Site may be removed more quickly by the Company, without permission.
3. Trees may be acquired, from the Company’s native tree list, as living memorials in the woodland area of the Site and are guaranteed for ten years. If a tree dies during that period, it will be replaced.  After that time, the woodland will begin to develop naturally.
4. If a plaque is damaged as a result of any actions of the Company, it will be replaced at the Company’s expense. 
5. The Company cannot accept liability for damage which occurs otherwise, such as natural disaster or due to weather.

The Company

The Regulations set by the Company may be updated or altered according to need. Such alterations may be carried out at the discretion of the Company and you are advised to regularly review such Regulations.


The Local Authorities' Cemeteries Order, 1977, Article 10 - Grant of Burial Rights
(6) No body shall be buried, or cremated human remains interred or scattered, in or over any grave or vault, in which an exclusive right of burial for the time
being subsists except by, or with the consent in writing of, the owner of the right.

This paragraph shall not extend to the body, or remains, of:

  • the persons who immediately before his death was the owner of the right; or
  • any other person specified in the deed of grant or in an endorsement thereon made at the request of the owner for the time being of the right by the officer appointed for that purpose by the burial authority.

A person who without lawful excuse destroys or damages any property belonging to another intending to destroy or damage any such property or being reckless as to whether any such property would be destroyed or damaged shall be guilty of an offence.

Temple Fields Cemetery Ltd, Registered Office: 1711 High Street, Knowle, Solihull, West Midlands B93 0LN. Email: info@temple-fields.co.uk. Tel: 01564 779531