Prices & Booking

To buy or reserve a plot you must contact Temple Fields Cemetery directly. Once your purchase has been made, your funeral director can proceed with your service arrangements.

Burial Options 

Memorial Tree Plot 
(For Single Occupancy Only) 
Limited Availability

Choice of Parkland Tree (up to 3m high) £375
Standard Burial Plot
Within Woodland
Wildflower Meadow Burial Area £1,675

Cremation Options 

Single Cremation Plot within Woodland

Single Cremation Memorial Tree Plot (Choice of Tree included up to 3m High) £750
Double Cremation Memorial Tree Plot (Choice of Tree Included up to 3m High) £1,475
Family Cremation Memorial Tree Plot (excluding tree) £1,775
Choice of Memorial Tree £375
Scattering of Ashes within Woodland Perimeter £200


Please complete the appropriate form below to buy, reserve a plot or arrange the scattering of ashes. For all other arrangements, please discuss with your funeral director. 

Please click on the appropriate text link below to open a form. 

Interment Options 

John Shelton Burial Services Ltd

Temple Fields Warden 01564 779531 (Cremation)



Memorial Options 

Granite Plaque 7" x 4" Attached to Memorial Tree
(Contact Pollard Memorials on 01676 534618 for prices)


Ground Memorial Stone 15" x 10" (Ashes) from Pollard Memorials 01676 534 618


Ground Arched Memorial Stone 15" x 12" (Burial)


Oak Plaque 7" x 4" from Hartwood Timber  01209 706 535