Natural burial provides a means of caring for your loved ones with minimal environmental impact. Here, you will find useful site information and guidance.

Natural Burial

Natural burials are simple, yet beautiful and personal.

All materials used, such as caskets and shrouds, are biodegradable, protecting the conservation of natural resources, reducing carbon emissions and encouraging natural habitat.

The purpose of this type of service is to provide an environmentally-friendly burial without disturbing the wildlife and its surroundings. In doing so, you can connect with nature and enjoy the tranquillity of the scenery. 

Arranging the Service

Your funeral director can assist with arranging the funeral service. If you would like to arrange a site visit or purchase a plot, please contact site custodian, Paul, on 01564 779531. For all other queries or information, please discuss with your funeral director. 

Site Advice

The main driveway allows you to drive onto the site, where you will reach a granite chipped parking area. The mown grass pathways lead from the car park around the burial ground. Please note that the site is an open field and there are no covered areas for inclement weather. However, you may hire out a marquee if you wish by contacting your funeral director.     


The site is open all hours, all year round, giving you the freedom to visit your loved ones as you wish, without restrictions or appointment.

Use of our car park is at your own risk. The management will not accept liability for any accidents, damage or loss incurred.


Health & Safety

It is important to be mindful of the natural surroundings. You may notice the ground is uneven or muddy in certain seasons and may worry about carrying a casket in these circumstances. Be assured that advice will be given. Additionally, there is no fixed shelter to protect against weather conditions, so it is important you dress appropriately. However, you may hire out a marquee if you so wish by contacting your funeral director. 

Disabled people, or those with limited access, should be aware of the uneven ground and stick to the mown-grass paths when possible.

We ask that all visitors are aware of their surroundings and others. Our aim is to protect and enhance bio-diversity on our site, therefore, we ask that you respect the environment, do not litter and are cautious of the wildlife, badger sets and fox dens. 

After the Service

After the funeral, you have the freedom to visit your loved ones when you wish, as no appointment is necessary and the site remains open.

Please note that plots are reserved on a 150-year lease. 

You can honour your loved one’s memory with a choice of memorial trees or a plaque. Click here to find out more.